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Minimalist Matte White Metal Oval Hanging Planter

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This contemporary planter is suspended in an oval hanger, adding modern lines to your space. Extension planters can be added to add a plant or two or to make a floor to ceiling tiered plant hanging. You can mix and match sizes; hang a small on a large and vice versa.

HANGING PLANTER 5" Overall: 5″dia x 14″H x 33″OAH with the 19″ Chain Pot: 5″dia x 4.75″H - Fits nursery 4″ Pot

HANGING PLANTER 6.5" Overall: 6.5″dia x 19″H x 38″OAH with the 19″ Chain Pot: 6.5″dia x 5.75″H - Fits nursery 6″