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Smitten Kitten Room + Linen Spray

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Our Room + Linen Sprays are a perfect way to bring scent into your busy life! As the name states, use in your room as a breath of fresh air, on your sheets or linens to brighten them up, on your husband's stinky shoes or hockey gear, or even in the car! They are even skin-safe and can be used as a body spray in a pinch! The smoke parts as she enters the club, like a curtain pulled by an invisible cord. Elegant yet sensual, she moves through the room with a presence all her own. She's a bold breath of fresh air who knows what she wants and doesn’t need to break hearts to get it. She’s a woman all her own, and she knows it. By the end of the night, you'll be a smitten kitten too. Featuring notes of delicious apricot, earthy black oud wood, and warm, sensual amber. Ingredients: Ethanol (grain derived), Fragrance (skin safe)