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Sage, Lemon & Sea Moss Gardener's Bar

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Made by a gardener for gardeners, this soap is the perfect balance of cleansing power, gentle exfoliation, and hydration - a must-have for anyone with their hands in the dirt this Spring and Summer! Made with a blend of plant-based oils and butters, this bar features organic Peruvian Sage from the Sage & Thistle Garden, wildcrafted Caribbean sea moss for its moisturizing and hydrating effects, apricot kernel meal for gentle exfoliation, and a blend of clays and organic Spirulina for detoxification and natural color. Scented with a gentle blend of citrus, Litsea, and Sage, one of our favorite plant allies for cleansing and relaxation, this long-lasting vegan bar is great for everyday use as a hand, body, or facial bar. Vegan | Biodegradable | approx 95g