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Multi-Purpose Spray Refill Tablet

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Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Refill Tablet in the scent Bergamot Lime. Fill a spray bottle with 500ml of warm water and drop in one tablet. The tablet will fully dissolve to create a beautifully scented and effective multi-purpose cleaning spray. These tablets are vegan, eco-friendly and biodegradable! The tablet will dissolve into a colourless solution.

Bergamot Lime: combines the refreshing, bright notes of lime with the depth and sweetness of bergamot.

Fresh Lemon: Embodies the fresh tang of lemon creating a vibrant citrus aroma.

Sweet Citrus: Blends the refreshing and delightful notes of grapefruit with hints of zesty lemon to create aromatic bliss. The color of the tab is pinky-red and when placed in the water creates a beautiful dark pink color.