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Bendable Coir Pole™ 16”

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Create a stunning masterpiece with your plant. ✨ 🎉 Find Mossify at 100+ retail locations! 🎉 Our beautiful Bendable Coir Pole will give new life to your plant! We listened to your feedback and created this!! A thinner and more minimal design with the same amazing quality and function! Perfect support for climbing plants, vining plants or trailing plants! ✅ Our instruction tags include 3 languages: English, French & Spanish! We are happy to say our partners remain sustainable, pesticide free and practice organic farming. Manila rope is very durable, flexible, and resistant to water damage. Manila Hemp actually comes from a relative of banana tree fibres. Mainly found in Philippines 👏 We use the best quality we could source. We promise you and your plants will love this!! It is absolutely stunning quality!! 🤩 Our Manila Coir is completely natural with no added dyes or We are extremely confident you and your plants will join the thousands of others that we have supported!! 💚